Robotic pet

your robot friend

Robotic pets can be great toys and some of them can even become part of the family. When real pets are often not allowed in apartments, why not get a dog robot or dinosaur robot to cheer up the home? Kids will love them, and parents can't resist either. There is quite some choice to choose your robot friend.

Transforming RC robot

Rc transforming Robot Car

rc race car transforms into a robot for even more imaginative play or stunts on tires with grips and grooves rc robots

Sure there's a bunch of transformer-like robot RC cars, like Blue Hat’s Savage, Raiden Tech’s Remote Control Car and Hammacher Schlemmer’s Rc transforming Robot Car, but not one of them can compare to hobbyist Kenji Ishida’s Robo-One transforming RC robot.

Educational Robot Kits

educational robots

Educational Robot Kits are a good way introducing children to simple robotics engineering concepts. Robotics projects increase creativeness, educate children to follow along with directions, and also the end product provides them a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Not just that, but there is a awesome toy to experience with once the project is finished. Inside a world where instant gratification is frequently standard, getting to place some time and energy directly into creating a toy can help kids to understand the toys they've and also the mechanics in it.